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How to debug Windows XP

By lch ·
How can I debug Windows XP? I've done a complete reinstall on this system and it still will not install Norton Anti-virus corporate edition that has been install on other systems of the same make and model. I'm not sure if it's a hardware issue either.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to How to debug Windows XP

see for excellent help with installing this product. perhaps if you gave a more detailed descriptions of 'will not install' we can help you better.

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by lch In reply to How to debug Windows XP

When I say I've done a complete reinstall on this system I mean reinstalling the operating system, and "will not install" means that I still cannot get norton to install on this machine. I've talked to manufacturer of the computer and was told that I may need to do a debug and that even though I've reinstalled windows, I still may have some corrupt files.

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by valis In reply to How to debug Windows XP

if you've only reinstalled the OS, your next path is to completly format the drive, and install windows from a CLEAN format. of course, this will wipe everything, but at least you'll either get norton installed, or narrow down the problem.

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by lch In reply to How to debug Windows XP

I wish that did solve the problem. I did do a clean format of the hard drive. You said that would at least narrow down the problem. What would you suggest?

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by RCOM In reply to How to debug Windows XP

Did you allready have Virus software on the PC?
What is the reason for installing the software, protection or reaction, meaning is there a virus on the system that could be messing up the install?

Download the recent version of "Stinger.exe" its a MCAfee virus removal tool but it gets rid of multiple viruses and is easy to run. Follow the instructions.

Reinstalling Windows wasn't the issue.

So if you haven't actually formatted the drive the problem more than likely can be resolved. After removing Norton Anti-Virus some files are still left afterwards.

You'll need to complete the installation of Norton to fix it. One thing that needs to be done is all the files located in the different folders and registry entries need to be deleted. First uninstall Symantec's "Instant Updater" and other features from add remove programs. After uninstalling all Norton software find the following folders and delete.

C:\Programs Files\Norton Anti-Virus
C:\Program Files\Common\Symantec

Run "regedit" go to, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec
Delete that KEY (folder) from the left side

Reboot and try your instalation. If there's an actual error that comes up make sure to jot it down for further troubleshooting.

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