How to decrypt files on portable hdd?

By jhbey ·
I have a USB portable HDD. I copied all the files from a laptop that installed with pointsec. After that I plug into another laptop which don't have pointsec. I was unable to read the files.

Is there anyway to decrypt the files in the portable HDD on the laptop without pointsec?

Please help!!

Thank you.


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In a word - NO. You'll have to decrypt inside the pointsec 'puter..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to decrypt files on p ...

"That," as the old saying goes.. "is the whole point!"

I mean - if someone stole your portable HDD, you wouldn't be happy if it was THAT easy, would you?

Edit for afterthought.

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Well yes there is a way but it would be easier and far cheaper

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to decrypt files on p ...

Just to use the Computer that wrote the Data to this drive to unencrypt it.

You can send the HDD away to a Forensic Recovery House to get the Encryption Cracked but it's Expensive, Time Consuming and generally involves involving the Authorities who police Computer Crime in your Area/Country.

So while it is possible to crack the encryption it's not easy and the makers of the different encryption programs quite clearly spell this out to the users of their products.

Generally with the Saying that if the Encryption Key is lost or otherwise deleted it is Impossible to Recover the Data. which to most people it is.


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When you copy files from a pointsec encrypted pc

by Michael Jay In reply to How to decrypt files on p ...

to a USB drive of any sort, they are not encrypted.

Dare I say it, you have a stolen laptop with pointsec installed and have removed the drive, installed it into a USB caddy and think you can get at the data. No way bro.

Even if you connect it to another pc with pointsec you will not be able to read it.

Security is that way, pointsec is nasty about being secure, to the point of giving us tech folks the inability to recover data.

Why not go back to the original pc and get the files there?

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Or the OP could always

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to When you copy files from ...

Tell the Authorities that he stole the drive from a person who is threatening to kill the US President to get them to decrypt the files.

Though when they do I very much doubt that they will still see him as useful and will probably go after them for wasting the Time and Resources of the Authorities.


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by s31064 In reply to How to decrypt files on p ...

As far as I know, you can't. It's one of the reasons I chose Sophos SafeGuard over PointSec. With SGN, you can transfer or copy rights to a certificate key to another user. If you're copying files to a USB device, you also have the option to include a decryption program on the device that responds to either a certificate key or a password.

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