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First time "post-er" here!
I am using Windows XP professional. I have 3 questions below in order of importance to me:
1) how can I - when selecting, opening and saving files - set the "view menu" to always default to a "detail" view rather than an icon or list view. Currently, i get a mix of views, depending on which folder I open. I have tried repeatedly using several approaches to set the default to detail view, but with no success.
2) Is there a way to show folder sizes on the view menu as well without using some aftermarket utility program.
3) I use windows explorer for everything (I am a DOS 3.1 and xtree generation guy!) - is there a utility that you would recommend to use instead of windows explorer.
I don't consider myself a computer guru, but I am more competent than 75% of computer users.

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If you're from DOS, 3.1 & Xtree - you'll love this!...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to default to detail ...

You have already described the main shortcomings of Windows Explorer and sound like the kind of bloke that will enjoy using this product.

It works like Windows Explorer EXCEPT it gives you three windows by default: one for your directory tree and two for the directories you have open simultaneously.

Get yourself over to:

You'll find two available free downloads.
Same product, different builds. Both free.

Download both and as the saying goes "Suck 'Em And See". I use both, one on a tower and the other on a laptop. The tower is older and gets the older version

I've been using the older version since the mid 90s.

Hope this is what you need.

<Edited for typo>

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