how to delete a mkv file that won't delete?

By adrian(: ·
I donwload a video file with mkv extension from its a good page for movies, videos, music and stuff addfree and virus free.

I downloaded alice in wonderland video mucis performed vi avril lavigne and i could not delete the file

i cant renamed it, move it, delete it. but i can play it or copy it,
i actually made a copy and couldnt delete the copy, until an hour after a tried to rename the copy and i could and then i coul delete THE COPY but not the original...

I'll appreciate help, from anyone, any ideas woul be ok.

the files is 92,6mb
is mkv file,
it has been around for 8 months....

its says is open in windows explorer but obviously it;s not...... ????


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Part of the reason why I do not visit Pirate Sites like this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how to delete a mkv file ...

Is that they come with problems. Here the file in question is Open in Windows and that is the reason why it can not be deleted.

The way to proceed here is to look at the way it was downloaded to see if there is something there causing this and then working from there.

You'll need to gain access tot he HDD without the File being open or Active so if everything else is OK try starting in Safe Mode and see if you can delete it from there. You enter this by pressing and holding down the F8 Key when the Post Screen Appears. Unfortunately if you are using a USB Keyboard it may not work as some systems do not load the USB Drivers before Windows so you'll need a PS2 Keyboard if that's the case.

If you can't you'll need a Boot Disc of some kind that gives you access to the HDD and delete it when you have booted the system from a Boot Disc ideally some form of Live Linux which runs off a CD. If you do not have one of these you can get one from your Local newsagent as a Cover Disc on a Linux Mag or download one of the ones here

Just download the ISO and burn it to a CD with your CD Recording Software and then enter the BIOS and make sure that the Optical Drive is set to boot before the HDD save the changes if any as you exit the BIOS and then boot off the Live Linux.

When that OS is running navigate to where this file is saved and delete it.

Of course if it is related to some sort of program running within Windows when you reboot your computer in Windows you are going to get at the very least 1 error message if not several.


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Try to use Unlocker

by Apoorv182 In reply to how to delete a mkv file ...

Try Unlocker. It is easy & fast.

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