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how to delete current operating system

By skywarn1 ·
yes i was wanting to know if there is a program on the web that will completely delet all files old and new and to also take out operating system so i can start off fresh i currently have too many file and it is causeing problems with system as well as problems and error also dll errors can you give me a link or redirect me to where i can get a free download and not have to pay for it

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by BFilmFan In reply to how to delete current ope ...

You can use a DOS disk with the FORMAT command on it to perpare a disk for fresh build of the operating system. You can download a boot disk with this utility at:

Once running Format, simple re-install your operating system. You should be sure to have all the drivers available for periperhals, as needed.

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by Jaqui In reply to how to delete current ope ...

if the system is ntfs, you may need to use fdisk to remove the partition, then add it back before formatting.

most dos disks will default to the fat(32) filesystem, which doesn't understand the NTFS

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by wlbowers In reply to how to delete current ope ...

A windows 98 boot disk will let you format fat32.

If need to format ntfs, you can boot to a windows 2000 or XP cd and at one point the option to delete the current partition and "start over" is avaible.

Good Luck Lee

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by Etoile In reply to how to delete current ope ...

What operating system are you hoping to nuke, and what are you going to install fresh?

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by OTL In reply to how to delete current ope ...

Fdisk then format, windows will create it for you.

Or with the current problems you are experiencing, I would search for everything named ~*.* *.tmp *.bak and delete them. Run spy-bot then ad-aware then a fully updated virus scan. If Win 9X (ME, 98, 95, or 3) goto c:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\ select all (ctrl + A) and hit the delete key. Then I would chkdsk or scandisk depending on the operating system. Then defrag disk. Then see how it runs.

Or for about $100 you could upgrade to a larger HD. Results are a clean operating system install and your old HD may have something on it you want, 5 minutes afer you format it !

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by zlitocook In reply to how to delete current ope ...

If you have Win98 on your computer you can use any boot floppy that was made from a Win98 system. When you boot to it and select delete partition select non dos partition. And delete it, if that dose not work down load delpart and use it, it will remove any NT partitions. After that you will need to repartition the drive. If that dose not work, remove the drive and write the drive name and other numbers from it. Then go to the drive web site and down load the program that will let you install and format the drive. There is free ware that will delete all information on any drive. You need to search on google for drive cleaners.

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by zlitocook In reply to how to delete current ope ...

You can use a Win98 boot disk or one downloaded off of the internet as long as it has fdisk and format. Get into the bios by using the key it tells you to at boot up. Like hit F2, Del or what ever your bios entry key is. Then look for boot, advance settings or just look around in there to find your boot up settings. Set it to boot to floppy first, then use what it tells you to save settings and reboot, with the boot floppy in the drive. Then after reboot you should see boot to cdrom drivers or not select not.
After all the files go by and you are at the c prompt type a. Then type fdisk this will bring you to a screen that has several options, 1 through 4. You want to delete a non dos partition, when you get this screen select the partition and delete it. Answer yes to all, and use the esc key to finish twice. Reboot to the floppy and run fdisk a second time and use the four command to see what other partitions are there, remove them, if there are any others. Reboot to the floppy and repartition the drive, reboot and format the drive, select yes for large partitions. Then go back into the bios and set it to boot to the cdrom and reboot. Put your cd in and load your software.

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