how to delete parent public folders?

By danzmanz ·

I am attempting to delete some public folders but running into some issues. In ESM I give appropriate permissions. I make myself the owner and apply the permissions to subfolders, containers, objects... for some reason the subfolders do not inherit the permissions. the only way to remove the folders is to crunch down to a folder with no subfolders and apply permissions individually then delete them. basically i would like to delete the parent folder instead of every single subfolder.

I am running Exchange 2003

any ideas??

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All the subfolders

by seanferd In reply to how to delete parent publ ...

must be set to inherit from parent folders.

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shared mailbox

by danzmanz In reply to All the subfolders

Ok I am able to delete parent public folders by applying permissions through ESM.

now i am trying to delete parent folders from a users shared mailbox and getting the same message. Its not public so I cant do it through ESM but the mailbox rights have been granted to full access.

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Can you do it from AD?

by seanferd In reply to shared mailbox

You should have full control as an admin.

Otherwise, you might try to do it from within the user account which owns them.

I'm not familiar at all with Exchange, so I don't know what sort of quirks it has.

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no go

by danzmanz In reply to Can you do it from AD?

i can delete child folders with no subfolders. but any parent folders with subfolders will not allow me to delete. even when i have taken ownership.

yeah if i log in as the user i am able to delete them. however this user is setup to share the mailbox. the mailbox is added to other users mailbox and so they need to administer it whilst being logged on as themselves.

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