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How to delete root replicas

By dlralph ·
I am still fighting with trying to get trees merged. I finally got
through the last problem, but now I get a message when using DSMERGE
utility under Imanager using the DSMERGE Wizard: "FOr merge to be
successful, on the target tree there can only be one copy of the root
replica. Remove allother replicas and retry the operation."

The target tree has two servers. The main server has two replicas:
1= .. with Master as replica type
2= .HANGELS with Subordinate as replica type

The other server has two replicas also:
1= .HANGELS with master as replica type
2= .. with Read/write as replica type

First question: Which replicas do I delete?
Second question: How do I delete the replicas? Everything I have found
says to use ndsmgr32.exe, but that does not seem to be part of netware 6.

All of my servers are identical. Netware 6, sp3, edirectory 8.7.1.
Thanks, David

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by pgm554 In reply to How to delete root replic ...

You can do it with dsrepair.
At the system consol dsrepair -a

Should give you a menu from which to work.

However ,you should run a full repair to check for issues(stuck obits and such).

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by dlralph In reply to

The solution I found was using Console 1 and right clicking on the tree naem and going to Partition and Replica View. This allowed me to delete a read write replica on another server. Your suggetion with dsrepair was one I had seen, but everything I read said not to do it there -- but did not say where to do it. Anyhow, Thanks. David

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by dlralph In reply to How to delete root replic ...

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