How to deliver the same email to 2 mail servers?

By PaulinCyprus ·
Ok the story is, the brother of our CEO has started to work for a web based email company so because of this our company has to change to use this service. I have changed the mx records to deliver to the web based email but left the original records as low priority to save time in case we have to revert to the original system. The online version is not really suitable and I want to continue to use my outlook for emails.

Now, as I see it email comes in and the host has a number of 'mx' letter boxes to choose to deliver this email. The host tries to deliver the mail to these 'mx' letter boxes in order of priority that we set until the host successfully delivers the email.

My question is: Is there a way for the host to deliver the same email to all mx addresses? or is there a provider or program I can use to deliver copy messages to my original server as well as the new server?

Set up my PC to be the initial mx server recipient from the hosting company. Run a program on my PC to deliver the email to the new mx server address AND a copy to the original server mx address?
OR deliver to our original mail server and have emails forwarded to the mx address to give the illusion they are the primary recipient?
We are using; MDaemon Version 9.5 Versatile Email Server for Windows on windows server 2003 enterprise o/s.

Thanking you in advance for any suggestions.

Paul Cramp

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