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How To Deploy Office 2007 Compatibility Pack

By leggett.w ·

Having problems with users creating documents with their shiny new Vista + Office 2007 home computer, only to bring their documents to work and not be able to open them in Office 2003? We are. All of our staff have Office 2003 installed and we?re not really ready to roll out Office 2007 for several reasons. The fitting option for the moment seems to be the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for 2007.

Go there and suck it down and you end up with a single file called


It?s a piece of cake to install on a single machine, and you could always /q it for a quit install, but it doesn?t play well with Active Directory outside of ZAPs, and those are an extreme last resort in my book. What you may not realise is that there?s an .msi deployable application inside that .exe you downloaded.

Pick a machine to install on (physical, VM, who cares?) and double-click. Accept the license agreement, wait for it to extract, and then click OK when it states it?s finished. Now open Explorer and travel over to.

C:\Program Files\MSECache\O2007Cnv\1033

And what do you know, there?s


and all it?s friends. Copy that whole directory somewhere central and create a GPO to deploy like usual.

Now it?s not perfect. The pack only has translators for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, but that should solve 99% of the problems. And it doesn?t load all of the new 2007 formatting. But those are issues you can happily blame on things-not-your-fault.

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