How to deploy Windows & via GPO?

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I have recently piloted out a project in deploying Office_2010 via GPO by scripting and it worked. I found a clip on youtube that helped. Now i'd like to deploy Windows 7 in the same way. I have looked at different ways but it just aint working. Any help on how to do this?

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Windows 7

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I'm not sure how you would plan to deploy an operating system via group policy.

I've done an automated Windows 7 deployment for an organization - here's an overview.

There are several methods for deploying Windows 7. It's really up to you to decide which works best.

Image: You can always deploy an operating system via the traditional imaging method. You can use the popular symantec tools or you can use the newer tools Microsoft provides. In both cases after a machine was imaged it would need to be 'sysprepped' which is the process of making it a unique machine. If you don't do this you'll run into issues like SID conflicts.

MDT Deployment: This was the method I ended up going with. Using MDT allows you to do an automated clean install of the OS on to the hardware. It will then allows you to run a series of tasks afterwords and install applications. Each of these series of tasks can be defined as "task sequences" which you can select when deploying a workstation. The tools are a bit rough but usable. I think Microsoft wants you to buy their SCCM tool.

WDS: This is the successor to RIS. This is a service that you would configure to allow machines to PXE boot to and drop an image on this. It can only load a Windows image file (WIM) and can't load up any other format. You can use this in conjunction with a predefined image or have it load into a Windows PE environment configured to load up the MDT environment.

Again, this is very cursory and not meant to give you a full answer just point you in the right direction.

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