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How to Design Web Pages in other Languages

By the_webninja ·
I studied Web Design a few years back, went through HTML and DHTML, but I never learned how to Design a Web Page in another Language. I don't know, maybe I missed that Chapter in the Book or something.

And I tried to look around on the Web for info about it, and all the Seach Engines do is throw back a bunch of unrelated crap with one of the Words in the inquiry. Nothing about What Code I have to use to Create Characters in another Language.

I have copied and Pasted Code from Foriegn Language Pages onto Note pad and all I got was an assortment of different strange looking Symbols.

Is that cause my Foriegn language is not installed on my Windows System? Or What?
I just am not Sure, do I use the same HTML Code to display the HTML Page, then just Type in the Script Characters in another Language in between the quotation marks or what?

Because I am Studying Thai, Japanese, which uses Characters rather than Letters, and I thought it would be a good exercise to create pages for my Website in those Languages.

But I'm not quite sure how to go about it.
Can anyone refer me to a Link that clarifies this a little?


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The HTML is the same.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to How to Design Web Pages i ...

You use a different character set and possibly embed the fonts needed in the page. You'll need to learn the language which you want to use, or have a good interpreter sitting next to you, and have the correct language packs installed on your system.

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Instead of Hand Coding

by mamies In reply to How to Design Web Pages i ...

I use a program called Joomla. It is a free program and its more of a premade site. It sits on the website location that you have set up and by memory I think you can make it translate the pages to whatever language you want (If setup Correctly).

Setting up can be a little annoying tho but last i read i think they have a program called Xammp which sets up PHP and MYSQL on your "testing" server, Implementing this on the website might be another matter, i have only implemented it through IIS.

Once this tool is setup it is one of the best web tools around. Easy to Update and Develop, One of the best Content Management Systems. If you need help setting it up i'm sure i can point you to the right documentation but i am feeling to lazy to at the moment :)

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