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How to determine bandwidth.

By wisphils-tsg ·
We have a requirement here at our firm to monitor the usage of our 1024Kbps bandwidth by the hour.

I am using a software that connects to a certain website and download a sample file. This gives me the duration of time the file was downloaded.

I would like to know the the bandwidth from the the data that I have.

Can you help me with this one?


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by ISPnetworker In reply to How to determine bandwidt ...

Your sample download would appear to be of limited use. Ideally, I would install MRTG (freeware) and utilize this tool to monitor your inbound and outbound bandwidth consumption.

Withour MRTG or an equivalent application, I would suggest monitoring your router interface and gathering the information it reports. A script file can be used to grab the interface performance information each hour, write the info to a file, and then clear the router interface counters.

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by cgallagher In reply to How to determine bandwidt ...

try then click on speed test

This will give pretty comprehensive information about you bandwidth.

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by TheChas In reply to How to determine bandwidt ...

You have 2 different answers.

What do you need to do?

Verify that you are getting the bandwidth you are paying for?

Or, verify how much of the bandwidth you are using?

Answer 1 will help you monitor usage.

Answer 2 is one of many ways to check your effective bandwidth.

For the test in answer 2 to show you full bandwidth, you need to have ALL other users disconnected for the period of the test.


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by wisphils-tsg In reply to How to determine bandwidt ...

As for the software I am using the Karenware Karen's 'Net Monitor ( connects and downloads a certain file from a site of my preference and gives me the duration of the download time. Now I have tried using to determine my bandwidth but the problem is the requirement of per hour monitoring and logging of the bandwidth. The karenware software can be scheduled to download therefore can be used as my logging software. Now the question is how can I derive the actual bandwidth used from the data that the sofware gives (ex. 100KB file with download duration of let say 0.6sec on a 1024KBps bandwidth).

Jeffrey Giron

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by wisphils-tsg In reply to How to determine bandwidt ...

Point value changed by question poster.

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by CABCOPAT In reply to How to determine bandwidt ...

follow the link to speed test, select country to test from and voila. Not a thorough test but gives you an idea for internet use.

Good Luck

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