How to determine if your Laptop is Internet wireless ready?

By rhuel_biznezz ·
Hi..its my first post here I hope someone will reply on this...

I have an a laptop here, i don't know if this is wireless ready for internet connection..
can you please help me how to determine this?

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Did you buy this laptop or was it given to you?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to How to determine if your ...

If you bought it, didn't you ask about wireless capability before you spent all that money? If you didn't ask about wireless capability before buying, why didn't you if you knew that you needed it?

If you don't need wireless capability why do you care?

What OS are you running? WinVista? WinXP? Win2K? Some flavor of Linux? Mac?

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Did you buy this laptop or was it given to you?

by rhuel_biznezz In reply to Did you buy this laptop o ...

It was just given to me by my friend, currently my OS is Windows XP..
Could you help how to determine this?

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Have a look..

Underneath your laptop you will see a label that will say something like: Make of model, serial number, if it has a radio signal sign with the words "WIFI" then it is capable, if not then you are out of luck. But you can make it wireless by getting a card that fits into the pcmcia slot, but you will have to either get an account with your mobile service provider or it is something like a
Netgear WiFi wireless-G PC card. More info here:

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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Do a system check first ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to determine if your ...

Start > Control Panel > Network Connections.

You should see icons for LAN Network & 1394 Connection - these are standard for laptops.

If there is also a Wireless Connection icon you're sorted.

If not, you can get a USB LAN package from companies such as BELKIN which, when installed with the software that comes with it, will provide you with a Wireless Connection icon on this screen.

This will only work with a domestic wireless router connected to an existing ISP connection package, or a Wireless Hotspot in your area (the Belkin aerial tends to be rather ungainly though).

You can also buy a PCMCIA card from one of your local mobile phone companies that slots into the laptop allowing you to connect to the internet via the mobile phone network. These types of connections tend to be rather more expensive though.

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