How to determine traffic of other nodes in a network from one computer?

By Ujjwal.M ·
I m doin a project on peer to peer media sharing framework to understand network topology in Java.
My query is,how to determine traffic(i.e packets that are being transferred)of other nodes in a network from one computer?

Can we use Jpcap to fin network traffic in all the computers along the path?
Any code for it?
Pls rply..:)

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It is difficult in a Switched network

by jdclyde In reply to How to determine traffic ...

because the data is only sent to the destination, rather than broadcast to all.

You would need to set up a port on your switch as a sniffer port, and then plug a system running wire shark or something like that. This will allow you to see everything going across the network.

Then comes the fun of trying to sort out only the information you are interested in.....

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My 2 Cents

by mamies In reply to It is difficult in a Swit ...

Wireshark is quite a good program for monitoring all of the traffic that is going back and forward on the network.

I use it on my linux distribution, but i think it is mainly for a Windows server so it seems to be widely compatible.

The only problem is sorting through all of the logs to find the specific bit of traffic.

I am not sure if this will be of any help but it is quite an interesting piece of software that you may find a use for but it is called Nagios ( From what I have heard it can send email alerts when something is triggered.

If it is possible for it to send email alerts when say a specific port has been used or something like that, it would make the whole process alot easier.


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