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How to develop yourself in IT/programming/computing from zero.

By SnakeBiteN64 ·
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Hi All,

I have always studied and work into business and never been geeking enough to get some interest in the current technology.
Recently I have realised that I am actualy extremelly interested by what technology can do but have no idea how to use it.

So except a little of VBA at uni, i have no IT skils and would like to develop them. Two reasons, I believe it will be more and more useful but also I want to be able to understand and support my boyfriend which is actually a programmer.

So without telling him that I am trying to learn, I have a basic question, WHERE DO I START?
I do not think I am very keen in writing programs but i am interesting to understand how they work or how I could start developing my IT skills.

Please do not hesitate to throw me links, books, free courses, or anything that can guide me into the first steps into understanding and developing my IT/computing/programming skills.

Thank you!!

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Dijkstra: A Method of Programming

by john.a.wills In reply to How to develop yourself i ...

This covers most of what you need to know about programming as such, regardless of language or application, especially Chapter 0 (which is about half the book). If you read Dutch, get the original, Een Methode van Programmeren. Dijkstra also wrote A Discipline of Programming, some years earlier, but that is for experienced programmers; I think he wrote it in English.

You will probably use several programming languages. In writing VBA you have almost certainly written quotations in SQL. Which language you are to write in determines what specific training book or manual you should read - it may well be on-line and free.

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