How to disable "Email & accounts" settings in Windows 10

By manguz2003 ·
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I need to prevent users from being able to add an account to the "Email & accounts" section. Is there any GPO or Registry to disable/gray out the page or section? Thanks for any assistance.
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Make it policy.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to How to disable "Email & a ...

First a nod to since almost all here have a personal phone to do what they want with email.

You left out almost all details (see example question and reply at link.) My answer is to make it policy that the HR supplies as well as what the penalty will be.

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Tricky Situation

by manguz2003 In reply to Make it policy.

Hopefully this helps...

1) Are these computers "Work owned" and centrally administered by some sort of corporate / work place server.
2) How is your email managed from the work place -- do you have some central exchange type of server.

1. These machines are on a VM. They are company owned but they can't be on the same policy as the rest of the Corp as they need tighter restrictions. They have their own policy's and that's what we are locking down for everything else, but I can't find the policy or registry to disable/gray out the "Email & accounts" settings page.

2. Email is handled using Outlook and we have it added to the machine but we don't want the vendors to be able to add a new mail/account to the machine. Not just adding an account to Outlook but to the entire machine.

It won't let me post a screenshot but we just want to be able to gray out or prevent vendors from accessing the "Email & accounts" settings page.

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by manguz2003 In reply to How to disable "Email & a ...

For anyone wondering... I found a registry fix.


Add or modify value to 0

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by Naheed Mir In reply to How to disable "Email & a ...

I am not sure but I have found this:
First Entry
Modify NoConnected User to 3
Second Entry
Modify the value to 0

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Standard account

by appltech In reply to How to disable "Email & a ...

Just create a separate local (not linked to an email) standard account. Standard account won't be able to add anything. They will see "Emails & Accounts" section, but the "+" sign to add a person will not be there.

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Local Users

by manguz2003 In reply to Standard account

This wouldn't work as we needed them to have email access. We were able to find the registry fix to not allow them to create/add new accounts.

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