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How to disable people from downloading files off of website

By jjhaver ·

I had a question. I am currently developing a website for my organization. And we have the following issue: we need to allow certain users to view files on our website, but disable downloading.

Is there a way this would be possible? What would I need to do to get files to open in the web browser? And what would I need to do to block downloading or printing of those files?

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complex issue actually

by Jaqui In reply to How to disable people fro ...

since the most commonly used method is to use javasript and disable right clicking of mouse buttons.

or open in new window with no controls in it.

but if they disable javascript either method breaks.
if they have a browser that allows selective disabling of javascript, they can gain access and still do what you don't want them to.

effectively, you cannot stop them from saving or printing the files if they really want to.

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Basicaly to view it, the browser downloads

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How to disable people fro ...


Even if you turn off save as etc, they can still get it out of the cache if they are even vaguely clever.
Sounds to me like a web application isn't actually what you want.

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