How to disable Turning Off Monitor after 1 minute?

By thakursn ·
How can I disable Power Options setting of Turning Off Monitor after 1 minute?

I am using Windows XP Professional SP-3.
I can not access my computer in normal mode after I have opted Power Options as "Turn Off Monitor after 1 minute" and also hibernation after 3 hours. How can I disable said Power Options setting of Turning Off Monitor after 1 minute?

I have booted in Safe Mode then tried restoring my computer to start from an earlier date but this method does not resolve said problem and my computer monitor still getting off after 1 minute while my computer is still booting (getting started).... I can not see my desktop after starting in normal mode nor can I go to setup my computers control panel.

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Couple of options

by robo_dev In reply to How to disable Turning Of ...

First of all, if there is any data on that drive, I would back it up via removing the drive and putting it in a usb enclosure.

Is this a desktop or laptop? What kind of video adapter? Are you running analog or digital video? Is there also video on the motherboard? (if it's a desktop).

I've seen weird stuff like this happen with the ATI Catalyst control panel app, and also if you are running multiple monitors.

If this is a desktop, and it has video on the motherboard, a quick fix is to power-down, remove the video adapter, then boot with onboard video.

Another way to fix this can be to move the display adapter to another slot, if possible, that way Windows has to reinstall/fix all the video drivers when it installs them. Also if the video card has both digital and analog, try hooking it up the other way

Assuming you've made a good backup, a 'Repair Install' of Windows should fix things.

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Try this:

by seotools In reply to How to disable Turning Of ...

While in safe mode, open regedit (start-run-regedit) and navigate to:
My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\PowerCfg

You'll see a folder named "PowerPolicies" and a bunch of numbered folders inside it. If you browse through them, you'll see that each number corresponds to a certain power scheme.

Now go back to PowerCfg folder and change the value of "CurrentPowerPolicy" to a different number (corresponding to one of the folder names) from what it is now. If it doesn't 'work after restarting, try other numbers.

edit: Now that I think of it, robo_dev is probably right, reinstalling windows would be the best thing to do.

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