How to disable, write protected on (Retail Plus - 32GB) flash drive

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How to disable, write protected on (Retail Plus - 32GB) flash drive.. Useing Win XP

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Check to see

by Jacky Howe In reply to How to disable, write pro ...

if it has a small switch to enable write protection. If it has slide it across.

If it hasn't a switch follow these instructions.

Open a Command Prompt by pressing the WinKey + r and then typing <b>cmd</b> in the run box. At the command prompt type the (drive letter): and press Enter.

drive letter is the drive letter that you are connecting to.

type dir /ah and press Enter.

This will display a list of the Hidden files on the Drive. Check whether the following file is there <b>Autorun.inf</b> and also look for suspicious .exe files.

If the file is there

type notepad autorun.inf and press Enter.

Save the file to another location with an extension .txt as this will contain the executable file that is being invoked.

Type attrib -h -r -s (drive letter)autorun.inf and press Enter.

Type del (drive letter)autorun.inf

To remove the files from the Registry and the Locations that they are invoked from follow these instructions.

Tip! The executable file will be named in the file that you previously saved with Notepad.

Press the WinKey + r and type in <b>msconfig</b> and press Enter. Click on the startup Tab.

Check the list to find the file that you are looking for, expand the <u>Location</u> column to see where it is loading from in the registry.

Press the WinKey + r and type in <b>regedt32</b> and click OK. Browse to the key listed in the <u>Location</u> column for Msconfig.

Delete the key on the right hand side only, that specifically matches that startup file.

Note the <b>Command</b> folder in msconfig. Browse to the folder, and delete the .exe file.


The Startup TAB of Msconfig will show you the directory where pop.exe loads from:

<b>Command</b> c:\Windows\system32\pop.exe


<u>Location</u> will guide you to it's location in the Registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

With the registry editor open find the Run key in the left window. On the right hand pane you'll see each file that is in the Run key, pop.exe will be there. Right click and Delete the entry for pop.exe.

Browse to the c:\Windows\system32 folder, and select the pop.exe file, hold down the Shift Key and press the Del Key.

Repeat these steps for each item that you want to remove.

Also check the root of all of your drive letters for the autorun.inf file.

Let us know of your progress.

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Jacky, Thanks for your time and info

by 9AE49 In reply to Check to see

Before I recieved your posting, and in total frustration, I returned my new RetailPlus 32Gb Flash Drive. (no problem)
In the packageing on my replacement Flash Drive there is a 1-888-874-6372. SUPPORT NUMBER. Thanks, 9AE49

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No probs [nt]

by Jacky Howe In reply to Jacky, Thanks for your ...

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