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    How to disassemble a Fujitsu Lifebook S7110?


    by djrickyb ·

    Does anyone know where I can download details which tells me how to disassemble a Lifebook S7110?

    Fujitsu website only offers Spec sheets and I want to get to the motherboard.

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      by djrickyb ·

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      This place sells Service Manuals

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to How to disassemble a Fujitsu Lifebook S7110?

      But as I’ve never actually dealt with them I’m not sure how good they are

      But with all Fujitsu/Siemens NB they are fairly simple to dismantle you just need a small Phillips Screwdriver and be careful. To date I haven’t had any problems getting access to M’Boards in these brand NB’s.


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        Lifebook manuals

        by djrickyb ·

        In reply to This place sells Service Manuals

        They don?t appear to sell manuals for Lifebook.

        I?ve taken off every screw I can physically see but it just seen to “stick” in the middle and the left rear edge (where the power supply goes in).

        Never had this problem with a NB before!

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          The last one of those that I pulled apart

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Lifebook manuals

          Required the Opytical Drive, HDD, Battery and RAM to be removed then I needed to remove the flap over the hinges for the Monitor and piece of plastic above the Keyboard, Then the Keyboard and there where a couple of screws under the Keyboard that helped to hold on the Bottom of the case.

          There is at least one screw in the back that needs to be removed to allow the bottom of the NB to come off depending on the Model it can be under the Plastic Cover that mounts along the top of the Keyboard and down the back of the NB.

          Hope that is of some help.


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          by djrickyb ·

          In reply to The last one of those that I pulled apart

          Thank you.

          Is it possible to remove the BIOS battery once I?m inside?

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          Shouldn’t be a problem

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Lifebook

          The last one that I scrapped because the screen no longer works has the BIOS Battery under the Keyboard in a Blue Shrink Wrapped Sleeve with what looks like 4 small batteries in it. Though it is a different model.



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          No luck

          by djrickyb ·

          In reply to Shouldn’t be a problem

          As the title says… no luck.

          Couldn?t see a blue shrink wrap but a round(ish) green thing unplugged that overnight but nothing.
          So frustrating.
          Nothing that looked like an obvious battery.
          This is why I need a service manual and schematics.
          Why don?t they release these for this model?
          Any other way you can think of of negating the BIOS? It uses technology based on Phoenix Flash Bios according to the original specs.

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          It’s to make our lives easier. :D

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to No luck

          After all if they sold Service Manuals there would be no need for the suppliers Technical Section would there? Recently I ran into a Siemens ADSL WiFi Modem/Router an it doesn’t have even a Owners Manual other than what is supplied by the ISP there is nothing at all available and in this particular case the ISP’s paperwork was wrong.

          If you have the unit apart and can see both sides of the M’Board I’m not sure what else to tell you as you have it to the stage where you should be able to see what is happening. But if you can not see the BIOS Chip you may need to remove the monitor and then pull some more items off the unit so you have a bare Circuit Board at your disposal and if you can still not see any Batteries that power the BIOS look at the BIOS Chip and see if it’s mounted in a socket that is raised off the Circuit Board. It could be one of the [b]Smart Sockets[/b] which has it’s own Power Supply built into the Socket. These are quite common with the T41 IBM Think Pads but some other NB had them fitted as well.

          Other than that there isn’t much else that I can suggest Sorry.


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