How to display the data of msword .doc file

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Dear all,
How to display the data of msword .doc file on web page as html format doc file stored on web server. the application developed in asp

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Re: How to display the data of msword .doc file......

MS Word is first used to view the tab-delimited text file. It is necessary to ensure that the tabs are arranged at suitable intervals. In other words, care should be taken that none of the text overflows the formatted column widths. With wider tables it may be necessary to change the page width under the /Page Setup/ option accordingly.

The file is saved as /Text with Layout/. Using MS Word 97 or 2000 the options for file type appear as pull down options at the bottom of the /File/Save As/ dialog box. If you use a different version of MS Word, or indeed one of the other popular word processing packages, then it shouldn?t be too difficult to find a similar option which works in the same manner.
Once saved, this will produce a file with the suffix *.ans, which is then viewed using a simple text editor, such as MS Notebook or MS Wordpad. It is not advisable to use MS Word, as any inadvertent formatting will introduce additional, unwanted, characters in the text. The column layout is preserved, with the relevant number of spaces inserted for the tabs to maintain the vertical alignment of text. The suffix of the file may be edited to *.txt or *.html to suit requirements, or the block of text can be highlighted and pasted, using CTRL-C and CTRL-V, into an HTML template.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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