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How to do when your website suffer DDOS attack

By helen15 ·
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Someone may face with the DDOS attack. Let me talk about How to do When the server is under DDOS attack 
1.Ensure that all servers use the latest systems , and security patches .
2.Ensure that administrators check on all hosts , not just for key host.
3.Make sure to remove unused services from the appropriate directory server or file database , such as FTP or NFS.
4.To ensure that all services running on Unix has TCP wrappers to limit access to the host。
5.Disable internal network through Modem connecting to the PSTN system.
6.Limit file sharing and network outside the firewall.
7.Ensure that there is a new network topology On your hand.
8. Check all logs network equipment and host / server system. As long as a loophole or a time log to change appears almost certain : the associated host security threat has been .

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by alexandertimothy10 In reply to How to do when your websi ...

Good information. Thank you

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How can we detect a DDOS attack?

by alexandertimothy10 In reply to How to do when your websi ...

Good information. Thank you. It will be much more informative if you share something about how we can know our system is attacked by DDOS.

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Protect website from DDOS attack

by Shyamiipa In reply to How to do when your websi ...

Very helpful information.
Another action that one can take is to get a DDOS protection security such as CloudFlare or CloudFront (mostly known CDN services).

I think the title for the discussion should be "What to do when your website suffers DDOS attack".

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Thanks for Suggestion

by bryanwaltersmn In reply to Protect website from DDOS ...

Thanks for highlighting some important factors that really help to avoid such DDOS attacks.

But does it work every time?

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