how to do zero level formating on HDD

By tester2222 ·
i got winhex tool, when ever i try to use to format zero level , always i got message like this all the time "ONLY THE FULL VERSION ALLOWS TO WRITe SECTORS TO THE DISK"

because of this message i downloaded many versions of winhex all of them showing same message.

can any body let me know how to do zero level formatting on HDD by using winhex tool.

thanks for your answers.

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You will

by Jacky Howe In reply to how to do zero level form ...

have to purchase WinHex. Obviously, the trial version is crippled.

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Yet another option.

by dldorrance In reply to You will

use Linux. The Shred command will write random numbers to each drive location on your HDD 25 times by default.

First download a linux live-CD and boot from the CD. From the terminal enter su (return)to assume root privileges, then follow the instructions here

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Another option...

by christianshiflet In reply to how to do zero level form ... to try other tools. One that I find useful is Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN). You can download a bootable CD iso image from It is fully functional and free. Let me know if this helps or you have further questions.

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I download and make a iso cd of this file dban-2.0.0_powerpc.iso

by tester2222 In reply to Another option...

hi christanshaflet, I already make a iso cd of this file dban-2.0.0_powerpc.iso size 6.23MB, when i restart computer then computer is not booting from cd (but showing message start computer from cd rom support, when i press enter nothing work from cd, just winxp start as usual),. the other thing is that i know how to burn iso image cd's, but this cd is not working. so do you know exact file name of (DBAN), so that i will download the right iso file and i will born your specified file at this time.

thanks for your Replies

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Assuming that this is a PC and not a MAC

by OH Smeg In reply to I download and make a iso ...

Go here for the DBAN Download

You will be redirected to Source Forge and you will get this Zip File dban-beta and it is 5,679 KB in size.

I think you have the wrong file there.

But if you have SATA HDD/s you may find Kill Disc easier to use which you can get here

This is the package that you want. KillDisk Suite (Free)v.5.1 While it will not destroy all of the data totally if you chose to use one of the many Forensic Recovery Programs available it will do a good enough job to prevent any data being read off the drive with normal Recovery Applications.

Boot & Nuke is a bit harder to use with SATA Drives as you need to make a few changed to the Boot Disc. Kill Disc doesn't require this.


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i make iso CD booting fine, but which commands use for zero level

by tester2222 In reply to Assuming that this is a P ...

1)-I got USB external IDE 10 GB HDD testing.
2)-I made a DBAN iso CD as your link posted which is booting fine. I press Enter, then select USB HDD, then press Space Bar key then shows [WIPE] by the DBAN CD, now press F10 key. After this the process start I still wait for 1 hr 30 minutes the process complite only 8% for more than one hr. So I power off/on computer, because i don't want to wait for 13 hrs to complite just 10 GB HDD this long process.
3)-And how to EXIT once start this CD, there is no way to Exit out, so is there any Command to exit from this CD.

So I like to know is there some usefull commands to make HDD at zero level. so that i can retry again.

Thanks for your helpfull replies.

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You need to understand that DBan

by OH Smeg In reply to i make iso CD booting fin ...

Is a Military Spec Wiping Utility and as such requires time to do it's thing.

If you don't want to spend the time and get the security something like ZAP that used to be available through IBM from their HDD site may be more to your liking. It's quick boots off a Floppy so it's small and it's very fast.

As for Boot & Nuke the CD that you made has it's own OS and to get out you need to restart the computer so no there is no keyboard shortcuts to allow you to leave the DBan OS and start the Windows OS of the computer you are using here.


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Big Brother is watching you

by SPC_TCOL In reply to You need to understand th ...

They made a test, you only need to rewrite every sector once with 0 and 1 and then there is no chance to get the information out of it.

You don't need any low level formation or stuff like this, but if you need it, the most BIOS's are able to do it.

And then you maybe should burn every platter as well as shred it.

And don't forget the burn and shred the rest of the hard drive.

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Close Topic

by tester2222 In reply to You need to understand th ...

Thanks for your answers, just like to know what is zero level formating doing on HDD, but not success in testing with DBAN because of not knowing commands to use it. Close Topic.

Thanks for your Answers guys.

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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg In reply to Close Topic

Though DBan doesn't test the drives and AutoNuke is probably the easiest way to use it.

If you want to test any HDD you should use it's makers Testing Utility.


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