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How to document existing network bottlenecks

By yadavshashi ·
Hi there,

How to document existing network bottlenecks
I was wondering how many of us has ever got into a project in which you have to document the existing network infrastructure's bottlenecks. How to start with this kind of documentation? How to be objective? Look at your network from an outsider point of view. What one should document? Are there hard and fast rules to follow. How good is old documentation?
Any help, suggestion, advice and documentation ideas are hearty welcome.


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network bottlenecks

by aluciani In reply to How to document existing ...

Get a baseline on network bandwidth using either of the two products one is free the other $. Hope this is a good start.
PRTG Traffic Grapher is an easy to use Windows software for monitoring and classifying bandwidth usage. It provides system administrators with live readings and long-term usage trends for their network devices. The most common usage is bandwidth management, but you can also monitor many other aspects of your network like memory and CPU utilizations.
It will monitor SNMP network devices and draw pretty pictures showing how much traffic has passed through each interface. Routers are only the beginning. MRTG is being used to graph all sorts of network devices

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network bottlenecks

by yadavshashi In reply to network bottlenecks

Thanks for your suggestion but Network usage and network devices is not the only I want to monitor, sorry may be I was not clear enough, what I need a is a complete picture of total infrastructure including server, printers, workstations, network bandwidth, devices Applications , network services, sites etc. We have no idea if the existing infrastructure is good enough for new organization, how does one define a base of minimum requirements? For me the starting point is to get first the entire existing infrastructure on paper, are there any defines rules to create such inventory?


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SolarWinds Orion does this

by Why Me Worry? In reply to network bottlenecks

It's a great product and costs far less than overpriced SNMP solutiuons such as HP Openview.

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