How to downgrade from Windows7

By wregm ·
Is it possible to downgrade from Win 7 to Win XP Pro when the original installation is Windows7, and if so, as an experienced computer user, could I perform this myself?
Laptop Computer - Acer Aspire 5740, 3Gb Ram, 250 Gb H.D.D. 2months old.

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Extremely unlikely

by Slayer_ In reply to How to downgrade from Win ...

You will need a custom made XP install disk. And you will need a full set of drivers from Acer. And I doubt Acer has drivers for XP for that model.

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As Acer doesn't support XP for this system

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to downgrade from Win ...

You have to open the Device Manager under 7 and make a list of all the Drivers. Then do a search of the Internet for XP Drivers.

If there are XP Drivers listed for all of the devices download them to a Temp Folder and place them somewhere where you can use them.

You'll also need a suitable version of 7 installed on your computer so if you have Professional, Ultimate or so on they have a Backward Compatible License which enables you to load XP onto the system. If you have Home Premium this Does Not have a Backward License so you'll need to buy a full copy of XP to legally load it here.

Then after you have a suitable Copy of XP you'll need to make a Slipstreamed Install Disc to include the necessary drivers so that you can load XP onto this hardware. To do this you can use nLite which is available free here

just don't forget to look at the Destructions available here though

Then you'll need a utility to wipe the HDD as the 7 Partitions do not support a XP install so you'll need a Wiping utility like Boot & Nuke

or Kill Disc

Both are free for home use but Kill Disc is easier to use particularly where SATA Drives are involved so it would probably be better for your needs.

Before you start running any Wiping Utility you should get a Recovery Set for Acer so that when it's necessary you can return the NB to the 7 Install. You can not rely on the Recovery partition as when you use any Wiping Utility it addresses the entire HDD not just the Windows Partition so the Recovery Partition will be destroyed as well as the Windows partition.

Then after you have Backed Up your Data and settings made your Slipstreamed Install Disc and your Wiping CD you can insert the Wiping CD into the Optical Drive and boot the system. Then select the Wipe Option and wipe the entire HDD. This will take several hours to complete and when it has you can then insert the Slipstreamed Install Disc and restart the system again and follow the prompts to install XP.

After that is finished you will then need to install any software and patches/updates made since your Install Disc was made and recover your Data so you can use the computer.

Of course if there are not drivers for all of the hardware that bit of hardware isn't going to work under XP which may be a Killer for the entire process depending on what your needs exactly are.


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Downgrading Widows7 to XP

by wregm In reply to As Acer doesn't support X ...

Thanks to both you Guys. Looks like I'm into a marathon here. I suspect that I shall have problems getting XP drivers to work with the installed hardware , so wish me luck!

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You can also try

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Downgrading Widows7 to XP

The Unknown Device Identifier after installing XP to find what Hardware is fitted. It works quite well and may make some things easier to find.


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