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How to downloading articles?

By BillGolden ·
I don't recall ever having downloaded an article before but I was interested in downloading the 2 page cheat sheet regarding Word 2003 shortcut keys. I clicked download. I got a message the download was in progress. But I can't figure out where the article downloaded to! I was never asked for a directory. I give up.

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by DugaDugDug In reply to How to downloading articl ...

If in fact you did download the article you wanted, why not just do a search for all files modified today (assuming you downloaded it today). My guess is that it will be downloaded to C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files.

What I believe though is that the file download never took place. If you are using Internet Explorer, before you click to download press and hold the <ctrl> key then click on 'Download Now'. I am guessing that your browser will not allow popups. Alternatively, on the download page which states it is in progress you should see the following which you could use 'If your download doesn't begin automatically, please click here.'

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by Dr Dij In reply to How to downloading articl ...

If you want to read the article as PDF (sometimes they are word docs or excel) it's easiest to set your browser to open the PDF directly in the browser rather than downloading the file.

I'm sure you have acrobat reader plugin installed?
You can always hit the save button in acrobat to save the article if you like it.

And again, like previous answer, it will default to some stupid temp location. Save it somewhere else like c:\pdf\ or c:\techrepublic\
or anywhere else you can find it.

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by TheChas In reply to How to downloading articl ...

If you were on the downloads page, most articles open up in a new Window as a PDF when you click on the download link.

I suspect that the secondary Window did not open. The article is not on your PC and never arrived from the website.

Some pop-up blockers and some security settings stop the secondary Window from opening.

When this happens, there is a link to manually download the item.

Rick click on the link and save the PDF file where you want.


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by Bizzo In reply to How to downloading articl ...

I had this problem a while ago. The reason for my failure was I had recently installed a pop-up blocker.

My work-around was to allow pop-ups for the techrepublic site.

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