How to drive down personal informatiom on results list

By jimmyripp ·
There is PA court docuement on the net that appears first whenever a search is made on my name. The information is embarassing and is a potential hindrance in securing new employment. Is there a way I could drive the negative information way down the list so it is less likely to be seen? Is there a service I could hire to do this with descretion? Could I do it myself? Thanks

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by LarryD4 In reply to How to drive down persona ...

The only way to negate a search result for a document you do not control is have the document removed.

The only other alternative I know of is to create more sites and/or search results that push the offending document down the search result.

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Re : Could I do it myself?

by OH Smeg In reply to How to drive down persona ...

The only thing available to you here is to Change your Name.

You have no control over how things are listed by a Search Engine and as Court Records are considered Public Domain after the case is heard you do not have any rights to request changes to be made to the way that Search Engines work or have these Court Records removed from Public Listings. :)


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