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How to dual boot OS (new Question)

By tayoajayi ·
I just bought a 40GB hard disk and i would like to partition the hard disk into three with the following OS installed: MS windows XP(25GB), windows 2000 server(10GB) and windows server 2003(5GB). How can i go about this? WHICH FILE SYSTEM SHOULD I USE, FAT OR NTFS to be able to achieve this

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by sgt_shultz In reply to How to dual boot OS (new ...

I believe you can install in any order as all use boot.ini but now you are making me go look for how 2003 boots...
use NTFS as all your os's can read it, it can address very large hard disks and offers the most features, file security, disk quotas, file encryption...
why are you even asking? just try it. one problem is worth a thousand words. any problems you encounter will help illustrate how these things boot...
see article 306559 for more info and possible problems dual booting XP et al

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by tamj123 In reply to How to dual boot OS (new ...

you should install OS in following order:
windows 2000
windows XP
windows 2003

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by tamj123 In reply to

always remember install older verison windows first then new verison.

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by TheChas In reply to How to dual boot OS (new ...

I agree with using NTFS for all 3 drives.

Also, load the oldest version of Windows first.

I am concerned that 5GB may be a bit small for Server 2003.

Another option to achieve what you want is the Trios hard drive selector. This switch allows you to install 3 different hard drives and select the drive to boot from.
This would avoid any OS version and application conflicts.

Still another would be to use hot-swap drive trays. Again, with a dedicated drive for each version of Windows.


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by Vernsin In reply to How to dual boot OS (new ...

You need to install the OS in the following sequence:

C drive - Win2000 server
D drive - WinXP
E drive - Win 2003 server

All partitions should configure as NTFS.

Example: If WinXP corrupted in future, you just need to format and reload XP and then use the Win2003 server CD to repair the boot sector, you will get the 3 level boot menu again.

Good luck.

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by wlbowers In reply to How to dual boot OS (new ...

There is one other option you might consider.

Microsoft has a program called Virtual PC.

This allows you to create virtual machines.

You will need XP as the native os. Then you can create virtual machines in software.

The virtual machines can be run all at once. They can be networked together and to external network as well.

A demo at a Microsoft Seminar I saw had the XP laptop, server2003, win2000, and win98. They were all networked together and running at the same time.

They do recommend that the harddrives for the virtual machines be on single spindle.

What makes this even better is you can install software on one of the virtual machines for evaluation and if you don't save the configuration when you shut the virtual machine down it reverts to the pre installation configuration.


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by tayoajayi In reply to How to dual boot OS (new ...

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