How to efficiently reach out to occasional volunteers?

By FilipV ·
I carry some responsability in an organisation with a rather large community base. Plenty of people (often parents) are willing to help occasionly for specific chores, but it is hard to inform them timely.
I am looking for a tool where I can send out messages (we obviously have an existing databese with email adresses and phone nbrs) like 'Who want to help painting the shed' or 'We need an extra driver for bringing Team 4B to location Y Sunday afternoon' . I would like to do that ideally via email and WhatsApp (but email is good to start with). People should be able to reply with one click (or, if applicable, select some options). A positive resoponse should not only come back to me but as well directly to the person responsable for that particular task and ideally should create and send a calendar entry for the volunteer.
Is anyone aware if such tool exists and what it would cost (ideally for free, we're not an MNC but a not-for-profit organisation).
Thank you upfront for your kind response.

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Thank you so much

by alexbarnes590 In reply to How to efficiently reach ...

This is a good post. This post gives truly quality information. I’m definitely going to look into it. Really very useful tips are provided here. Thank you so much.

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This will help you

by sagarleo1 In reply to How to efficiently reach ...

Hii FilipV, why don't you try to make an app that will give you all type of functions you want as you mentioned " People should be able to reply with one click (or, if applicable, select some options) " and much more.

If it possible ask your volunteers if they can do it. You will get alot of options than what you are thinking.

I would like to know any further progress in your project so keep posted.

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