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How to Embed Sound into e-mails

By rick1056 ·
I use Microsoft Outlook for my e-mail and I'm trying to find a way to embed sound files into the body of the messages. Does anyone know how to do this or know of a program that will perpform this task?

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Just dont

by JamesRL In reply to How to Embed Sound into e ...

The office is bad enough with noise. Attach a sound file if you must, but don't mebed it.

I used to use a Mac email client that would allow you to attach a sound file, and if the client was set up that way, automatically play it. It was very annoying, and caused many people to turn their sound way down or off. People recorded the fake orgasm scene from When Harry met Sally and sent it to each other - causing people to pull the power cord on their computers.

So please spare us embedded sound files in emails.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Just dont

Firstly; Sound and animated stationery email is the most annoying garbage I have ever seen in an email.

that aside though, I ASSUME you are using Ms Outlook. As I NEVER embedded sound in an email, I opened Outlook and went into HELP and typed SOUND, here's what it says.

1) Click anywhere in the message
2)On the FORMAT menu, point to Background, and then click SOUND.
3)Enter the name of the file you want to include and the number of times you want the file to play.

Now I am sorry but I am going to ***** a bit now:

There is a Technical Q&A section where you are SUPPOSED to ask technical questions, not the discussion forum, you will notice MOST questions go unanswered here.

Second, (getting REALLY bitchy now)when you decided to mispost in this discussion forum (completely acceptable for new members of course)did you not even TRY your HELP menu first?

I have a user who calls me at least once a day with some question where I walk him through how to use the help menu, maybe I'm just getting frustrated.

And lastly, MOST email with animated staionery or music embedded will be blocked and stripped before entering a company server. Thus the user doesn't get the fun stuff, if he gets the email at all. It is great for sharing with family and friends if they are into that stuff but most people who would accept or open such mail would also open or accept Spam and viral email, do you wish to be in thier address book the next time it is spoofed and spammed?

Tricks are for kids,

Sorry for taking a slice out of you! If it's ANY consolation, I feel better.
OM :)

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I agree with Oz-Man

by AnswerMan In reply to Agreed

Please don't waste time or energy on 100,000 different emoticons, stationary, imbedded pictures, sound files, pack & go power point crap, or SCR files.... most of it gets stripped anyway, plus you annoy the **** outta people.

After all the filtering, spam blockers, email client side recognitions, verification email hosts, and so forth....... how come someone isn't asking the OBVIOUS question?..... Alright, I'll do it...

Why does spam and the like "get through" in the first place? Why do I get ANY email that is NOT addressed EXACTLY to one of my email names? Most times, it's not even close to one of my names !!

I don't understand why if Fred Johnston lives at 123 Main St, he should be getting mail for Ira Rabinowitz at 999 Zebra Lane?

Maybe I expect too much of software and programmers.... Ah well.... everybody just seems to accept that this happens and they put up with it...... kinda like our government.

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Latest Information

by jimb In reply to Agreed

This message refers to MS Outlook, but the author is really talking about Outlook Express, a totally different product.

This feature still exists in Windows Mail in Windows Vista, but not in Windows 7.

Outlook 2007 and later do not support playing email with embedded audio.

Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail *do* support playing embedded audio.

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