How to enable logging on as other users WITHOUT forgetting last login -Win7

By harmonicminor ·
Okay, I have a Dell Precision and the Dell ControlPoint software (which works with my fingerprint reader and smartcard reader - let's me login with my fingerprint OR a password) changed some registry setting so that my welcome screen let's me click a box that says "Click here to logon as another user" underneath my username.

Sure enough, if I click it, it will let me change the domain and user account and login to any account on the computer.

NOTE: BOTH computers are running W7 PRO and are NOT in domains.

The second computer doesn't have ControlPoint. I can't figure out how to get W7 to let me logon as OTHER users without disabling the last login. The only way I've been able to get it to even let me type a login at all is by enabling "hide last username typed" or whatever in security policy, but then it shows the login name as blank.

Basically, I have a backdoor admin account that I want hidden from the regular user. I don't want them to have to type in their username every time (my users will totally forget their domain - or in this case, the computername) but I don't want the admin account sitting on the welcome screen either.

Any suggestions?

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Please don't be offended if...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to How to enable logging on ...

My question seems elementary to you. It is not meant to insult in any way. Does pressing ctrl+alt+del twice no longer bring up the domain login screen as it did in XP or Vista? I ask because the regular welcome screen would still hide the given account for your users and when you wanted to log on you just do the ctrl+alt+del thing to get on. If that has been disabled in Windows 7, I bet would be a simple registry edit to change it back.

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