How to enable multiple monitors: Pc chips board and PCI card

By matthewnowlin ·

I was running dual monitors with an emachines (dont know specific board) onboard VGA and a PCI Nvidia card.

My motherboard died the other day and has been replaced with a Pc chips A13G+ board.

I brought the pc up (without the PCI card installed) and installed the onboard VGA driver. Worked great.

I then installed the PCI card and booted the pc. I installed the PCI card driver and that works great.

Heres the problem: The PCI card is always the "winner" in the battle of the display EVEN when the "Init First Display" option in the BIOS is set to "onboard". If the PCI card is installed in the pc, it is always the ONLY display. Windows does not even recognize the onboard adapter.

Im thinking that the BIOS may be the cuplrit as this worked with the old board.

So to summarize, the question is: how can I get Windows to recognize Both display adapters and is this something that you have ever seen solved with a BIOS upgrade? Thanks guys'

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by LarryD4 In reply to How to enable multiple mo ...

Yes its the MB.
The board itself has a Nvidia GeForce 6100 GPU on the board. This GPU is not PCIE its a PCI based processor. The card you are using is either using the PCIE pro or PCIEx1 slot.

My guess is the PCI bridge can only handle video data from the PCI pipeline or the PCIE pipeline not both.

I gotta tell ya, PC Chips MB suck the big woo hoo.

I taught in a school with 60 eMachines and they were always an issue.

But it was good for A+ class. One of my exam questions was to use the internet to find the infrared driver for the board. Which was a difficult task.

Sorry I know its not what you want to hear...

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Thank you

by matthewnowlin In reply to MB

wow, I would have continued to rack my brain over this one. I cant say as though I'm suprised as the MB / CPU combo was under $70 brand new. You get what you pay for. Thanks again'

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Have you considered using a Dual Head

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thank you

Video Card to drive the monitors?


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