how to establish a dual network connection

By hatemak ·
I have an http server installed on one computer. I want to use my iPad to communicate with the http server through a router (or something else?). At the same time, the computer that host the http server, has lots of java programs running in the background to take the entries from the iPad, proces it, then send it to the internet. How can I do this setup?

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More information, please...

by TobiF In reply to how to establish a dual n ...

In general, I see no problem at all to do this.

Let's say the server has internal address

Then, from your Ipad you visit the address of the server, and off you go.

The server will, of course, need to run something smarter than just delivery of static files.

Is the idea that you'd fill in information manually on the ipad into web pages? That's very simple basic html forms, which would reside on the web server (may even be kept in the form of static html files). In order to do something smart with whatever information is needed, the server would need to have at least, say, ASP (that's Microsoft flavor) or PHP (Open standards). So, those languages can be a starting point.

If you need some more specific local calculation functionality on the ipad, then first step would be javascript (if that's allowed on Ipad, don't know...). Next step might be to develop a specific app, but I don't know how you'd put that app into the Ipad, having in mind apple approvals, jailbreaking and so on)

If you want to do something typical and straightforward, then there are good chances someone has already developed what you're looking for.

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Then again... could always use an ISA server to serve the web server and if you have 3 NICs, you can use it as a proxy/caching/DMZ server.

The original question is not exactly precise in its detail, so we're just prodding in the dark here.

Repost and give as much detail as you can, especially in terms of the intended solution and current or intended infrastructure.

Deduct 2 cents.

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Here what I want to do

by hatemak In reply to More information, please. ...

from my iphone, I would like to use the safari to access the httpd server on a computer (running the httpd server). That computer would process the data, put it in a database, and another program will extract the data, then send UDP packets and emails to the internet to my site. My problem is with the hardware setup.

what I want to do is to use a wireless router for that. So what I did is I connected the main line of my wireless router to the computer (hoping to by pass the internet), and I connected my iphone wirelessly to the router. Unfortunately, my computer did not recognize the existence of the router, and the safari kept giving me error messages no matter what address I enter (,

On the net, people are using a dynamic dydns links, i.e. they are using the interent to route their http request from the iphone to their local http server. This is not good solution for me. I also tried the VNC approach, very very slow and awkward

I need to establish a local wireless intranet at my home, at the same time, I would like the computer running the http server to be connected to the internet?

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You connected the router the wrong way

by TobiF In reply to Here what I want to do

Your server should be on the client side of the router. Then you connect the line to the internet on the WAN side.

Dyndns will be needed if you expect anything from the internet to initiate the contact to your server and you don't have a static IP address from your internet provider.

For the local network under your router, you should use a "non-routable/private" address space - - -

Why don't you head over to dyndns and wikipedia and do some reading. You need to catch up a bit on the general understanding of tcp/ip, dynamic dns etc.
A good thing is that on internet, you can find a lot of information (if varying quality) about the internet.

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in my opinion, the question isn't worth responding to

by CG IT In reply to how to establish a dual n ...

just throwing that out to those who think their helping someone.

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very funny guy very funny..

by hatemak In reply to in my opinion, the questi ...

You under estimated the difficulty of my question

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well had you put all that info in your other post today

by CG IT In reply to very funny guy very funny ...

rather than some cooked up nebulous wording in your original post, maybe people who come here might take you seriously.

But from your original post, looks like just a junk question not worth responding to.

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