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How to establish a PPPoe connection

By plrod1906 ·
I am running a Windows 2000 server, I have a Verizon DSL line - Win2000 server doesn't let you connect to the internet though PPPoe like windows XP does. Is there any 3rd party software that will allow me to connect to Verizon using mu username and password. Any sugestion will be appreciated. Thanks.

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by steverb In reply to How to establish a PPPoe ...

Had the exact same problem with NT Server 4.0 and Verizon. Here is a very simple solution that is also working with my W2K. Forget the software and purchase a Linksys Cable/DSL router (model BEFSR41 or similar;cost about $39) and place it between your Verizon DSL modem and your server. The Linksys router contains the necessary info to pass your userid and password to Verizon and supports PPPoe. You will find this a very easy, stable, and fast way to connect.

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by steverb In reply to

You can also run from the Linksys to any other router or switch if not right into your server. The Linksys is also a 10/100 4 port switch.

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by plrod1906 In reply to

I am aware of DSL/Cable router, my problem is the router goes down more often than I want to, and I need to be able to connect to verizon for internet access. Do you know of ant freeware similar to Winpoet.

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by LMon In reply to How to establish a PPPoe ...

Your modem should have come with an installation cd if not you must use ip address for the modem to get into it and program the connection. IE I have a westell modem the which uses as the default gateway. Open IE enter the number then setup the modem whith your user name and password. Hit the connect the button and it should connect.

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