how to establish connection between Vb 6.0 and Sql Server 2000 in LinuxOS

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hi friends,
We have a problem to connect VB6.0 application and SQL Server2000 in Linux. Linux supports JDBC and VB6.0 support ODBC. For connecting we have installed Wine and freeTDS Software.But the connection is not establishing through VB6.0 to SQl Server in Linux OS.So we need a free software or VB6.0 coding to establish the connection.
Its very urgent......
If u have any reply for this question pass to

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Why on earth did you do that ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to how to establish connecti ...

Even if someone gets you round this problem, expect a lot more.
Both of these products have various problems under windows trying to gaffer tape them together under Linux is just asking for it.

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by Jaqui In reply to how to establish connecti ...

Microsoft malware on linux system to connect to microsoft malware server?

you are a gluton for punishment aren't you?

lose the ms server and use either of the sql servers that came with the linux distro, you will save yourself millions of man hours of headaches.

do not bother with linux if you are using visual basic.
the linux version might support vb5, but mono has spotty support for vb and will never match it completely, MS won't give them the specs to allow them to match vb.

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Do you think it could be done Jacqui ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to use

I know it shouldn't be, big tin of worms. Close inspection of the worms reveals, they've been on a diet of tins of worms as well.

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by Jaqui In reply to Do you think it could be ...

if the person doing it knows mono, samba, smbclient and either wine or crossover office well enough it wouldn't be very difficult.
but if they don't know these, then there isn't a chance that it will work.

to begin with, the VB app would need to be rewritten into mono
[ the open source un official version of vb ]
then it would have to be compiled into a lunix binary.
or, use the winders binary and either fightwine or crossover office to get it running in linux.

then make sure you have samba working so that the windows workstations can access the vb/mono app.
then make sure the app can access the sql server through the smbclient library.

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Both correct then

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to yup

By the time you'd finished farting around with that lot, you could wack in a free database and rewrite the entire application in assembly.

Think he said VB6 as well, converting that to .net under windows would be a reasonable head stretcher, for a start you'd have to learn OO.

Poor guy must have listened to the wrong person at some point.

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