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How to evacuate a home computer

By allen.parker ·
What is the most sensible way to evacuate your home computer?
1. take just the CPU unit;
2. make a back up on CDs and take the CDs;
3. back up the main CPU on an external drive and take the external drive;
4. make an image of your CPU on an external drive and take it.

With hurricane season upon us and some of you may have been affected. What is the best method?

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My plan

by CharlieSpencer In reply to How to evacuate a home co ...

has always been to take the entire CPU. If we're going to be out of the house for several days then we're probably going to be at my parents. I can use their peripherals.

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Hey Allen! - Edited

by CharlieSpencer In reply to My plan

It's generally considered polite to reply within the discussion instead of a peer message, especially if you don't know the other member that well (yet). I'm not offended, but there some would be. I'm quoting your peer message to me here:

"My thoughts were that if I had to evacuate then maybe an external drive, then I could use any computer to access my data even a library computer. What I am not sure about is putting a backup on an external device or an image of my desktop hard drive.

I live in Florida and until this year I had not thought of taking any of my computer with me. But it's time to plan."

I see a couple of problems with the external device approach.

One is the assumption that you'd be allowed to connect to a public system such as a library or net cafe. Many do not allow external devices to be connected for security reasons.

The other is the assumption that whatever computer you connect to, public or private, that the system has the applications needed to open your data. MS Office files probably wouldn't an issue, but what about Quicken or Money? If you have any applications even slightly out of the ordinary, you may have a hard time finding another system with that program installed.

(Yeah, I hear all you open source advocates out there. "If you were running Linux this wouldn't be a problem. You could hook up the external drive and then use the package manager to download the apps you need. ****, most Live CD's probably already have your apps on them; if not, you could build your own." Point noted.)

Edited - I missed your comment about an image of your hard drive. You're going to have a very hard time finding someone willing to allow you to install an image of your hard drive. That's going to require them losing everything they have on the target drive.

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by Jaqui In reply to Hey Allen! - Edited

you have learned something

edit to add:

I was actually going tosay something different than that though.

if you only back everything up, and you are using open source, it would be far harder to access from any "public" access location. they would most likely be running some flaavour of windows and NOT have the apps to handle your files at all.

Those same public access wouldn't get you online with a livecd, they block access to network resources if you are not logged into the network domain.

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Well for starters using a External Drive to Backup

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How to evacuate a home co ...

Isn't a very good idea you need to carry your Files as Plain Data not a Backup or Image.

I personally use several External HDD's with Plain Data on them as well as a couple of 16 GIG Thumb Drives for quick access. Easy & cheap but I don't have that many MP3 or other rubbish to eat up space like there is no tomorrow.

If you are using things like Quick Books. MYOB and so on you need to backup the Data of these as well because it's not stored in the My Documents Folder but the actual Program Folder.


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If I had to evacuate I'd take every computer with me.

by OnTheRopes In reply to How to evacuate a home co ...

I have two of three that count. I'd also take all of my external backup drives and the firesafe that holds the DVDs as well as other stuff. I have two choices of vehicles to put all of the stuff in <i>if</i> we only took one. They both have plenty of room though we might have to sleep in the SUV so we wouldn't pack that as tightly.

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Take the larger vehicle only

by CharlieSpencer In reply to If I had to evacuate I'd ...

If you have trouble finding gas, you don't want to leave one full of personal goods on the shoulder.

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