how to extract data back from a laptop hard drive

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I have a laptop which is not working anymore.Whenever I try to reboot I get the message 'NTLDR is missing'please press ctrl + alt + delete. I have some very important files on it. I would like to extract whatever data is there on that hard drive. I have an enclosure for the 2.5 " laptop drive but the enclosure seems to have a 44 pin socket and the hard drive does not have any pins. How could I connect it to another computer?. Also since the Master Boot Record seems to have got damaged in the laptop hard drive is it possible to extract information from the failed hard drive. I had a password for my laptop system. Is it possible to copy files Your response is very much appreciated. Thanking you.

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Well firstly the HDD has not failed

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how to extract data back ...

But by your Description you have a SATA HDD here so you need a SATA USB/Firewire Enclosure not a IDE one.

You have a couple of options here if you have a M$ Branded Install Disc for Windows you can do what is called a In Place Install by following the directions here


Or you could save yourself a lot of trouble and just go to your Backup for this Data and destroy the HDD if it really is Important Data.

Or you could bu=y a SATA HDD Enclosure fit this HDD to that connect to another computer through either the USB/Firewire/ESATA port and ext rat the Data off that Drive. If it was only Password Protected you will need to Take Owner Ship of the Files & Folders by following the directions here


If however you where using EFS then forget attempting anything and just take the HDD to a Data Recovery House and pay them whatever they ask as you will not see your Data in a readable form ever again any other way unless of course you follow the advice that a M$ Employee was supposed to have given out and that is to find a Good Cracker But that is a Oxymoron in just two words there is no such thing as a Good Cracker.


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