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How to extract XP install key from a BACKUP???

By jjourard ·
I wiped the drive on a seriously compromised Vaio that had dozens of variations of the Bagel virus and nearly would not run. Prior to erasing, I pulled a full image of the drive using Acronis.
As luck would have it, the client could not locate the Sony CDs so I could not restore the factory install. I used one of my own CDs which gives her 30 days to "Activate". I need the original key instead. From the backup, I extracted the Windows and the Documents and Settings directories to an external hard drive and pointed KeyFinder software at it but it came up empty, No Key Found. Am I barking up the wrong tree?
And while we're on the subject, why does every inquiry about "where" to find the CD key in the registry go unanswered and a reference to Magic Jelly Bean inserted as a substitute for the answer to the actual question?

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How to extract XP install key from a BACKUP??

by Medic663 In reply to How to extract XP install ...

You should have extracted the windows system directory. The key is found in a file located in c:\windows\system32\wpa.dbl.Refer to this article for a thorough explaination.

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Sounds promising

by jjourard In reply to How to extract XP install ...

I will search for that location when I next have access to the computer in question, and thanks for the tip.

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slave drive keycode

by hpideals In reply to How to extract XP install ...

hello just wanted to know if you know how to get key codes off of a slave drive i have tried so many key finders and none work. well maybe i am doing something wrong please let me know at thank you

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More WPA info.

by 1bn0 In reply to How to extract XP install ...

This page
has more information on WXP activation and key storage.

According to the page using the WPA files on a machine that has been reformatted, as in your situation, won't work.

Hope the information is somehow helpfull.

BTW, have you tried re-activating over the phonwe with Microsoft. I have done this a few times for clients as well a here at work for certain machines. It can be done. If your running a machine that came with a legal license for XP you should have nothing to lose by calling.

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