How to figure out WinServ2003 licensing requirements for school

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hi- I am somewhat new to a small private school with five Windows servers running 2003 Standard. My predecessor left me sketchy records regarding the licensing, but I suspect we are way out of compliance. I could call Microsoft and inquire, but I fear a tally which we could not afford to bring ourselves into compliance, and I am guessing disclosing this to MS would not be advisable. I want us to be legit, but perhaps not completely this year if we can't budget it. But how to figure out what we need? I ask you kind folks. We have:

-Five 2003 servers (four R2, one not)
-Two are domain controllers, DNS, and DHCP AND file servers (one admin, one student)
-No Terminal Servers used except basic Remote Desktop
-Two servers run apps used by our accounting and fundraising departments and host those depts' home directories.
-One Win2003R2 server copy is currently not being used.
-approximately 50 Windows XP Pro computers, mostly desktops
-approximately 300 Mac laptops, 50 of which have XP Pro installed as Boot Camp option.
-approximately 100 Mac desktops
-With students and admin combined, we have about 1,500 user accounts with home directories, but a max of 450 computers logged in to AD at any one time.
-Also have some shared printers on the servers, if that makes a difference.
-We have an Xserve running OS X Leopard for Mac management. It is joined to AD to form a 'golden' or 'magic triangle'.

If anyone can provide some guidance or hard information, that would be appreciated.


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