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How to Filter Audio Noise?

By the_webninja ·
Okay Super Techs, here's your Challenge for the Week. I am a PC Recording Artist, I do all kinds of Audio Recording and Editing, and then I use my PC to sit back and Watch Movies, listen to Music, and Tune in to TV Channels in Thailand. Okay, here is my Problem: Audio Line Noise, it Hums something terrible because of the signals generated from the Fans inside the PC. (I'm assuming this is where it's coming from). Now I bought a Sound Blaster X-Fi Sound card that is Suppose to have some Noise Filters built in it, but when I am Booting up the PC I can hear when the Sound Blaster Noise Filters are Kicking in, and it only cuts the Hum down about Half. I want to completely get rid of ALL the Hum Noise. Now I was thinking of just going to Radio Shack and Wiring up a Simple Car Stereo Choke Filter to my Output from the PC to the Amp, but I'm not so sure that is the Way to go, mostly because the Voltage and Ohm Ratings are way different between Auto and PC outputs for audio.
If I sat down and did a little Math, I could just about MAKE one of these things myself. So how come no one else has Thought of this? And if they did, WHERE ARE THEY? Cause I searched all over the Web, and I can't seem to find anyone who makes these things. Can ya help me out here a little people?

It would be nice if someone designed a Box to Filter both Input from the Mic AND Output. But right now I am not having a Problem with input noise, only output Noise. I have my PC wired up to a Sound System, and when I am using the PC for Dj or Playback, I am getting a terrible Hum in the Background. I am think the AC Signals created from the Fans, are running through the PC system and coming out the Audio Output jacks. I need a way or a Device to Correct this.


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First check all cables

by mjd420nova In reply to How to Filter Audio Noise ...

I had a very similar problem, and found that the
routing of the cables inside the PC is critical.
Pay very close attention to the small cables to and from the sound card. These should be
spaced away from any other cables and double
check the polarity of them. In extreme cases
I've used foil around the cable and grounded
the foil to the chassis.

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Thankyou Mjd420Nova!

by the_webninja In reply to First check all cables

Yep, That was it, I followed your advice, and Tore apart the area and carefully pulled all the wires apart and made sure the Signal Wires were well away from the Power Cords and Now everything is peaceful and Quiet. Thank you very much! This just goes to show how often we over look the Obvious. I appreciate you responding to my Post- Thanks!

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Your welcome

by mjd420nova In reply to Thankyou Mjd420Nova!

As I usually only work one weekend a month,
I have plenty of time to pass on experiences
and wisdom.

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by Absolutely In reply to First check all cables

& thanks for the question. I've been putting up with the same problem, on an Audigy ZS and previous $100+ cards, for a very long time.

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by tony8134 In reply to First check all cables

maybe it's a power disturb

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Noise Fiilter

by lvhjr In reply to How to Filter Audio Noise ...

Improperly grounded outlets will cause audio hum and video noise. You should check your outlets to make sure they are connected correctly, with the proper grounds. Isolation filters can decouple the grounds and eliminate the hum and noise.

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It's the power supply

by wyomingpagan In reply to How to Filter Audio Noise ...

I have serious noise issues when i connect my laptop to my home theater sound system. Hideous buzzing hum, drives me crazy. You know how i make it stop? unplug the power cord and run off battery. the noise stops, but the screen darkens to save battery and other annoying power saving features. But the electrical is the problem. So we're back to the same questions that brought me to this site to being with; How do i filter out the line noise before it gets to my speakers? at the laptop? the line into the stereo amp? the lines to the speakers? how and where should i install filters? and where can i find them at a fair price?

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by x0nrx In reply to How to Filter Audio Noise ...

Same deal here, sounds like garbage. I had soundblaster cards back in the win95 days with less noise than this pos soundcard!

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