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How to filter images

By MC_User ·
I work for a school city and we are running into a problem in using the web to view images. Our filters don't know how to handle some of the stuff coming through so when students use image searches from google or yahoo some very explicit images are being shown. So far we just disable image browsers whenever we find them being used and we release certain machines when they are needed for projects.

Does anyone else have a better solution? Any practical experience on filtering images?

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It's still word based

by gralfus In reply to How to filter images

The only way to filter images reliably is the same method used to search for images: words. Computers don't currently have the ability to recognize photographic images and compare them to a database of other images. Your approach of blocking browsers is a better way, or maybe block certain ports.

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Hmm about four years ago

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to It's still word based

a company that was attempting to filter images based on content were looking at employing me. It fell through. But they were buiding up a blacklist of images in various categories, and doing weird stuff like searching for pictures with a lot of pink in them.
Never heard of them since, so may be I was lucky.

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filtering images

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to How to filter images

Google has preference settings you can set. Just click on preferences and set your safe search filtering, then save. Yahoo is essentially the same, except they also have a lock (you must sign in to use the lock).

I hope this helps.

Craig Herberg

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How to filter images

strict safe search seems to be very effective, unless you count the odd Reubens as unacceptable.
However theres no security on turning it off.
If you get a site blocker going you could refuse access to the preferences page. If any of pupils are clever enough to get round this employ them.

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