How to find a good software development company?

By neonsun58 ·
I need the one for my business, suggestions please?
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There are many of them

by Mesusah In reply to How to find a good softwa ...

Depends on for what purposes you need the one, there's a plenty of such companies in general so without knowing any more details it's hard to recommend you smth.
You can use these tips for making a choice:
- try to find a company with the same size as yours, in this case your
communication and general productivity of work will be better
- your company should be as modern as possible in
case of various tech innovations and upgrades
- ask for client testimonials to check for past performance on the timely delivery of software and the quality of service
- always check the reviews from other people before making a final choice
- ask for references and work samples
- never choose a too cheap one, they usually provide a rather low-quality work in the end

For example as the best and most popular in this case are Itransition, Idap , Radixweb, XSolve, Exodus, Amadeus Consulting, MentorMate and so on.

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Software Development Company - VITS

by Vitsusa In reply to How to find a good softwa ...

It depends on your requirement, budget and which country you wants to prefer. After that you can see previous work of the company. Most of the clients focus on Google reviews and comments. So, there are many factors to search good software Development Company.

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Software development companies criteria

by R192377t678 In reply to How to find a good softwa ...

It depends on the requirements. But I think that it is very important to be confident in the security of the company.

You need to be sure that your documents, information will be in safety.
Information security metrics can prevent outsourcing relationship failure if established and agreed upon at the onset of the project. Internal vendor metrics include:

– Organizational parameters that assess security management procedures;
– Operational metrics that evaluate the operational security;
– Technical characteristics that identify the quality of hardware and software.

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Some following points for choosing right software development company

by cciedumpspoto In reply to How to find a good softwa ...

Some following points for choosing right software development company:

Look for Experience – Go for software companies who have high experience when it comes to your needs. Compare among various companies and see which one meets your qualifications.

Do a Background Check – Once you have decided the software company, go to their website and ask for an estimate. High-quality developers do not come cheap. As long as their cost is in your budget, you can give them a go ahead.
Match your Preferences- A company that understands your need is most likely to give you the best results. On the other hand, you should understand their style and design so that you can work in harmony and with full transparency. Make sure that you have clearly stated your requirements and goals from the start so that they are able to identify it as theirs. Do not stick with a company that does not understand your vision.

Make it Worth the Pay – As a customer, make sure their work is accounted for. You need to get the highest results for your work for the amount you pay. They may charge extra which can be very well be hidden, so do a double check on what costs are being added to your account.
Choose a Company with More Personnel than You Require – Many software projects are not a stable diet to work on and constantly requires flexibility in staffing size. Thus, make sure the company you choose has enough staff for your project in case such a situation arise. Such a company will be a huge benefit for you.

Tracking your Work – Another important thing to look for is an online tracking tool which permits you to see developer’s notes and keep a track on your contracts invoices and online payments.

If you want to have a career in IT Field, the Cisco Certification is a must have.

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