How to find a switch IP address from a PC

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Hi All,

Im wondering whether we can find the switch IP from a workstation. We have a network setup in one of our shop and the network design is as follows.

Common Setup(thru DHCP)
1. 4 pcs with 10.x.x.x IP
2. 1 router with 10.x.x.1
3. 1 Cisco 2960 switch(normally 10.x.x.7)

The network is up and running, however we are unable to find the switch IP address. I have ran a complete network scan but it couldnt find anything other than pcs,printer and router. Switch is hiding somewhere in the network.

I understand that we can connect a laptop to the switch to know the IP. But the site is located at a remote location and hence sending an Engineer is very costly. So is there any way that i can find the switch IP remotely from a workstation or from the router.

Please help


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Finding switch IP address

by dlopz66 In reply to How to find a switch IP a ...

Is the router directly connected to the switch? You can logon to the router and run "show cdp neighbor details" command. If the http-server (depends on the model of the switch) is enable on the switch, you can open IE and type in the found ip add in URL field to access the switch.

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Switch IP is only for maintenance, but

by oldbaritone In reply to How to find a switch IP a ...

run an IP scanner on the whole subnet for port 80, then just try connecting to the ones you can't identify.

Switches do not use an ip address for the switch function, only for maintenance. It may not respond to ICMP (ping) which is what many scanners run by default. That may be why you didn't find it.

Most devices have a web interface for maintenance, which is usually on port 80. Failing that, try scanning the subnet for port 161, which is SNMP.

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