How to find actual folder from FID (folder ID) Thousands of Event ID:9555

By milancas1 ·
I'm getting thousands of Event I 9555
Event Source: MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store
Corrupt Message detected during MoveMailbox.
Fid = 1-535A65F ; Mid = 1-C9974F8 ;
Some or all properties of this message will not be moved correctly.

According to MS it's save to ignore as it might happen when somebody tries to recover a email form deleted folder and it's a know bug.
I would be happy to ignore this but I'm getting thousands of these Event I 9555 and my logs are flooded only with this error.
So my first question is how to find out what mailbox is causing the problem? It has Fid (folder ID) number but how I'll find out what folder/mailbox is it.
I'm getting the same Fid and Mid (message ID) changes.
Tried to search goggle but had no luck.
I'm using Exchange 2003 on Server 2003 and we recently installed Exchange 2010 on server 2008 in one of our branch offices. Exchange 2003 is routing emails to mailboxes on exch 2010 server. The error is only on Exchange 2003 server.
I moved only 2 mailboxes to Exchange 2010 server with no error and the Event I 9555 started a few week later so I don't think it's related. I'm not moving any mailboxes now.
Any help would be much appropriated.

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