how to find files recently added

By madlizzy ·
I believe someone added a program to my pc,a program that allows them to see everything I do on my
pc, on another computer, even as I am doing it. How would I ba able to find such a file/program?
How can I get rid of it.

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In Windows Explorer do a search by date.

by Ron K. In reply to how to find files recentl ...

Click Start\search. <br>
I use the Search Companion, the little dog, or however yours is setup. It's at the bottom left of the Search Window. <br>
Click Search Options and choose Date. Enter *.* in the 'Search for files and folders named' field and enter the range of dates you want to search. <br>
If you check Advanced options choose to show hidden files and folders. <br>

Your search result will be in the right hand window. There will be a lot of files. You can easily sort them by date by clicking on Date at the top in ascending or descending order.<br>
DON'T delete anything that you can't identify.<br>
Having said all of that, if it was my computer the first place I'd look would be at the firewall to see if a remote connection is allowed. If so uncheck it. <br>
I'd also rather use msconfig or Autoruns from Sysinternals to see what's running. Msconfig gives a glance but Autoruns gets into detail. Download Autoruns here: It's pretty easy to run.<br>
If you're like me you'll be amazed at all of the crap that loads when you start a Windows computer. <br>
A thorough scan of Autoruns will take some time. Look up EVERYTHING you don't understand before having Autoruns stop it from running.<br>
What may be a simpler solution for you is to scan with Malwarebytes. Download that here: <br>
Get all of the updates and reboot into Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key quickly after you hear the POST beep when your computer starts. Do a full scan with Malwarebytes in Safe Mode and it is likely to catch malicious software. The reason for doing it in Safe Mode is because Windows only loads essential services and drivers. <br>
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that someone isn't watching you. :) <br>
Let me know how it goes or if I've confused you.

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Windows Explorer

by oldbaritone In reply to how to find files recentl ...

Open Windows Explorer

View ... Details

View ... Arrange Icons By ... Modified

You can click the date heading to sort the list most-recent first.

It's an integral part of Windows; you can't get rid of it.

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You can look in add or rmove programs

by seanferd In reply to how to find files recentl ...

and see if there is something in there...

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