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How to find good keywords?

By dharmendraaxisweb ·
Good keywords are frequently searched for (high demand) but not being targeted by many other websites (low competition). There are four tools out there that can help you find them.

Wordtracker - the best tool
Accessibility & CSS support packages
Get on-going help with:

Problem HTML and/or CSS code

Accessibility checking of new or existing pages

The writing of HTML/CSS code

Training or advice on accessibility and/or CSS

The best tool out there, Wordtracker is one of the most essential SEO tools. To use Wordtracker:

Go to the Wordtracker website and pay ?7 for 24 hours access
Enter a keyword phrase you're thinking about targeting

Wordtracker will suggest hundreds of related phrases - click on the ones you like
Once you've clicked on all the phrases you like, run them through the program
Wordtracker will compile a score for each phrase, based on the number of users searching for it and the number of websites targeting it

The higher the score, the better the keyword phrase!

Wordtracker also offers a free service which works in the same way but only uses results generated from Altavista.
Other tools

Also useful, Overture's search term suggestion tool, is free and much quicker to use than Wordtracker. It works in much the same way as Wordtracker but doesn't tell you how many websites are targeting each keyword phrase.

Google AdWords Keyword Suggestions tell you which keyword phrases are being targeted by other websites.

Guidebeam is an interesting resource. Type in a phrase and it will suggest a large number of related searches. The numbers provided for each phrase are Guidebeam's estimation of how relevant that phrase is.

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Use Keyword Research Tool

by grill2018madonna In reply to How to find good keywords ...

The keyword is one of the best ways to optimize your website. It plays a very vital role in ranking your website. You need to use long-tail keywords in order to get success. Well, there are many keyword research tool that helps you to find keyword relevant to your website. Google Adwords, Ahrefs, Moz, Ubersuggest are the best tools.

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Thanks for sharing

by surenaxiswebart In reply to How to find good keywords ...

Really a appreciate article about keyword research tools.
But I only use the Google Keyword Planner and Google Search Console for my website. and as far as I think there is no need for other tools for anything.

What do you think?

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You can also use these.

by dharmendraaxisweb's In reply to Thanks for sharing

Google Keyword Planner and Google Search Console are good tools for a website, as "Madonna" said, Google Adwords, Ahrefs, Moz, Ubersuggest are the best tools. I think you should use these tools once.

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Use a tool

by estafghto In reply to How to find good keywords ...

Use Ahrefs, it will help you with SEO

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How to find good keywords

by deborasumopayroll In reply to How to find good keywords ...

Niche keywords are the highly specific long-tail keywords that pertain to a narrow industry vertical. It's important to optimize your site and your pay-per-click campaigns for niche keywords and not just broad, popular terms, which are often too difficult to rank for, especially as a new venture.
When you're just getting started with a search marketing initiative—whether you're a new affiliate marketer, new to an industry, or launching a new product—it can be very hard to predict the impact of a new search campaign, as well as to determine an attack plan for your niche industry
Step 1: Use a Keyword Research Tool to Find Niche Keywords
Step 2: Refine Your Niche Keyword List
Step 3: Determine How Competitive Your Niche Keyword Phrases Are
It's important to remember that just because a keyword tool returns a keyword doesn't mean you'll be able to rank for it, or that the traffic it sends from search engines will end up converting. Make continual keyword research a priority and be vigilant about analyzing and acting on keyword research to improve your results.

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Ubersuggest or Google planner

by Dianadickson001 In reply to How to find good keywords ...

You can either try Ubersuggest or Google ad keyword planner for choosing the appropriate keywords. Just keep that in mind you should prefer high volume and high CPC words.


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Use Keyword Tools

by babyzname In reply to How to find good keywords ...

Use Ahrefs, Google Ad Words Keyword Planner and KW Finder Surely this will give you best result

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Keyword Search

by UniqArtworkswl In reply to How to find good keywords ...

Thanks for sharing amazing post. I belive that using SEO tools Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc. are the best so that you can target ausience as much as possible.

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Find Good Keywords

by guptamahima40 In reply to How to find good keywords ...

To help in finding good keywords you can try various tool provided by various vendors like keyword planner, ubbersuggest, semrush etc.

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Keywords tool regarding

by hsingh91 In reply to How to find good keywords ...

If you are working as an SEO then definitely you should have a best keyword research tool that will be helpful to find the best keywords.
Kwfinder, moz tool , semrush, google keyword planner are some famous tool that are helpful to find best keyword for your business website.
But always be careful if you have a new website and going to start seo then always choose the keywords keyword that have average monthly search with low competition, Because if you choose high most searched keyword with high search then it will not easy yo rank your site.

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