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    How to find lan system default gateway address


    by vizagkishore ·

    Hi, I want to find the client system gateway address.i tried with solar winds ip scanner,with that i found system ip address but not gateway and DNS address, anybody please suggest me the software or any other procedure to close this issue, because i have more than 100 pc in three different buildings.I have to control the internet access.

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      Run it from a batch file or as part of a logon script.

      Basic syntax:

      bginfo bginfo.bgi /timer:0 /SILENT /NOLICPROMPT /LOG:\\server\share\logfile.txt

      Run the command using the specified .bgi (configuration) file, no wait, do not shgow window to the user, do not prompt for license agreement, send errors to the specified logfile.

      You need to configure BGINFO first and save the .bgi file. The configuration includes the location of your “database”. You can use a simple excel spreadsheet for your database file or an SQL server.

      You can also set it to create a new entry every time it runs or only store the most recent entry for the computer it is running from.

      Other recommended uses.

      Run it as a wallpaper on servers to quickly identify what machine you have connected to.

      I have found this idea even more usefull for Virtual Machines.

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