How to find local home network security expert

By digitalgirlie ·
I need to find a local security network expert for home computers to evaluate my current security scenario and pinpoint exposure. I'm a techno savvy amateur who has taken most precautions. I run Trendmicro Premium with auto updates and regular scans. I limit my exposure to risky sites. I keep incredibly complicated passwords that I change with frequency. But.... I suspect something nefarious. I am the only and original user on my PC. I am told I don't have admin rights periodically and I see a network my PC has been joined to that I never set up or joined to that I cannot unjoin. It's password protected. My PC runs excruciatingly slow now. I don't understand what is going on but I have a weird feeling that everything I do locally or on the Internet is being run through this strange network I uncovered. I've been searching on the Internet for someone local but can't get a solid feeling on anyone. Vendors I've contacted either don't have the experience I seek or pretend they do (even worse.) Can you share some idea of what I should look for, and indeed, what they call themselves so I can run a local search? Any wisdom would be appreciated. I run Windows 7 on a PC home computer that has no other users or computers on my network (except the sneaky one I just found.)

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