how to find out the URL of my exchange server?

By tech4palm ·

i was trying to add a shared mailbox on my outlook 2003...since there can only be 1 exchange server in one profile i want to add the other exchange server as HTTP. but having problem finding it URL...pls help! thanks!

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by mpace In reply to how to find out the URL o ...

You can find the mx record of your exchange, by using nslookup. Go to start, CMD, then type nslookup and enter. Then type set query=mx and enter and then type your domain in and enter. The results of your mx record will then be displayed.

Just curious, but have you ever setup up another exchange account this way. This is news to me if you can. Let me know how if works out.

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how to find out the URL of my exchange server?

by tech4palm In reply to nslookup

thanks! i'll try this one.

i've tried adding another mailbox of another user but its same exchange server. onlt used its HTTP. and it works. this time i was trying to add a shared mailbox but its on a different exchange server. wonder if its possible...

anyway, i'll keep you updated on this. thanks again!

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by bens In reply to how to find out the URL o ...

I'm not sure I understand you I'm assuming you mean something about outlook web access? That would be at http://exchangeservername/exchange. Is that what you are looking for?

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by tech4palm In reply to URL...

i tried that one but had an error....
but that i tried that one on another acct with same exchange. that one is possible.
here's how it is..
i added my colleague's mailbox to my outlook acct so i can monitor his emails when his out. he doesn't want to create PST bec he doesn't have a permanent workstation. since 2 MSexchange is not possible in outlook, same or different MSexchange. i added his mailbox using HTTP or the owa form. with his network login so dont need to enter it. i can also do that using delegation but some of his mails have rules and is routed to sub folders which can't be seen using delegation.

now we have a shared mailbox but is on another network and different exchange.
i wonder if its possible to add that mailbox so i dont have to open citrix meta-frame.


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