How to find which IP is connected to which network switch port

By cwko2010 ·
I'm trying to find a way to find out on my 3Com 4400 Switch which IP address is connected to which port.

This will save me a lot of time trying to go to each computer or network device to plug/unplug the cable to check which port it's on. As i'm only working alone, I have to depend on the user willingness to help out in the tracing.

Is there any software or something I can use to check the IP belongs to which switch port?

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You have

by santeewelding In reply to How to find which IP is c ...

My commiserations. I stood in front of racks of those things, once, with all the blinking and staring lights.

I decided, this is not for me.

Is it for you?

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by TobiF In reply to How to find which IP is c ...

I browsed through this document:

The first part of the answer to your question is in chapter 5: "Using the switch database".

So, dig into the management software, one way or another, and try to get a dump of the "Switch database".

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2nd half of answer

by TobiF In reply to Rephrasing

You can use the web administration interface to look at the entries in the switch database

Go here
and then scroll down to the next section: "Configuring the Switch Database"
Here you'll find instructions on how to find out the current contents of the switch database. You'll see which MAC resides on which port.

And, since Ethernet MACs change less often than IP, you better set up your own list of MACs in the organization.
Worst case, you'll walk around to each computer and issue the command GETMAC or IPCONFIG/ALL.

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How to find which IP is connected to which network switch port

by cwko2010 In reply to 2nd half of answer

I've looked at the document and the screenshots shown. unfortunately, i'm not able to find the link to switch database. I have three models.. 3226, 4400, 4900

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Hrrm. Possible furhter steps.

by TobiF In reply to How to find which IP is c ...

In your original post, you only mentioned 4400...
Well. In the limited reading I made on this topic yesterday, I somewhere noted that several 3xxx models have much more limited capabilities, so you may be out of luck there.

But, before calling it a day, make sure that you have got all the latest updates from the vendor, both for firmware and for different administrative systems.

A weird workaround would be to take a small consumer router with a good firmware (like dd-wrt or tomato), connect the incoming patch cables, one at a time, to the test router, and notice what new members your get in the dhcp client list. (Provided you use dhcp in your network).

Or, instruct your co-workers to call your mobile as soon as they notice their computer doesn't work, and start pulling one patch cable at a time... If nobody calls, leave the cable aside (but mark its port number!),

When someone calls, who was having coffee while you disconnected their line, while they're on the phone, connect the "parked" wires, one at a time, to an unconnected little switch or hub. (or - assign an unused port on your switch to a separate vlan with no connectivity anywhere...) You have them tell you immediately the small "lamps" next to the "lan cable" starts blinking.

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How to find which IP is connected to which network switch port

by cwko2010 In reply to Rephrasing

I'm not able to find the Switch Database function in the web interface. Which part of the folder tree do I find it?

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It says where at the link provided.

by seanferd In reply to How to find which IP is c ...

Configuring the Switch Database

You can configure the Switch Database of the stack using the Switch Database page.

To access the page:

1 . Click the Configuration icon on the side-bar.

2 . Click the Switch Database hotlink. The Switch Database page is displayed as shown in Figure 18.

Not good enough? Look up the exact documentation for each of your models. May also be dependent on exact OS/firmware revision.

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Unable to find Config icon

by cwko2010 In reply to It says where at the lin ...

I've gone through the 3com web interface for the 4400 model but there is no Configuration icon on the side bar.

When I log on to the web interface of the switch, it only gives me 2 tabs; Summary and Device View. When I select Device View, most of the configurations can be done here but there is no Switch Database link.

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Switch Port -IP Mapping tool

by sharadkrishnan In reply to How to find which IP is c ...

Hi,i went through your post,even i am in search of same software which can tell me the exact IP connected to my which switch and which port.
Me using Force10-24 ports,52 switches in the network,so you can understand my headache in handling it

So please help me out with best software available in the market to trace the IPs and a working one

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Message has been deleted.

by aoomall In reply to How to find which IP is c ...

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